Friday, January 16, 2009

President Bush says goodbye

He may not have been everything a conservative would have wanted in a President, but for a leader who took the fight to the enemy, kept us safe, and strengthened our national security, he was more than you could ask for. He was driven by what was right and just, despite the consequences of what it meant for his image and his party's popularity. He was definitely a man with a good heart who always put country first, not politics. I will surely miss him.

Bush's farewell speech: 'This is a moment of hope and pride' (CNN)
Countries that will miss George Bush (BBC)


Chuck said...

I will surely miss him.

Me too Stormin

Flavor Country said...


How did he keep us safe guys? Our national security has been compromised to no end. We our dependent on foreign countries some who we even consider our enemies. Over half of our debt is own by foreigners, strangely this is exactly what Bin-Laden said he wanted to happened.

That's why they hit the trade center in the first place, a symbol of the American economy.

While he kept us safe from another physical attack since 9/11, he has allowed us to constantly be attacked economically which will be far more lasting than 9/11 can ever do.

I could care less what liberal or conservative politicians contributed to it, when you are at the helm it falls on your feet. No excuses.

A Berean said...

The best President ever!

stormin said...

@ A Berean ... thanks for stopping by and commenting. GWB was a great man and his kind of conviction for doing the right thing will be sorely missed.