Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Black designers are pissed at Michelle Obama

In a sign that the grievance culture is not about to end anytime soon, now black gown designers are all pissed off at Michelle Obama because she didn't wear an inaugural gown that was created by a black designer. Isn't this about the most petty gripe you've ever heard of. Are there not bigger problems in this world then this? Is it not good enough for some people that this country has elected it's first black President, and now we have to criticize what they wear? This story just causes so many questions to pop into my head about how are we to get along with others when we can't even get along with ourselves.

Michelle Obama under fire for not wearing black designer (Chicago Sun-Times)
Black Designers Upset By Michelle Obama's Lack Of Affirmative Action In Outfit Choices (KXMC)
Group Wonders Why Michelle Obama Didn't Wear Black Designers During Inauguration (WOWOWOW)
FLOTUS duds get backlash (Politico)


Flavor Country said...

That's what pisses me off about some of my minority brethren, instead of thinking of a better way to reach Mrs. Obama for future appearances or even becoming her personal designer they rip her for not wearing some other ugly gown.

What effort did she or other black designers put towards making their designs known to Michelle?

I'm sure everything they own is made by Black people...right.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

Expect Obamessiah to fix this in the future. The White House will soon be renamed to "The Black House". It will be re-decorated by black decorators. All work will be done by black workers. They will drive a black car assembled by black workers and designed by black automotive designers. They will eat food raised by black farmers and producers ....

stormin said...

@ Miss T.C. Shore ... unfortunately BHO has already hired Michael Smith to re-decorate the WH. Mr. Smith is also the same person who renovated the offices of Merrill Lynch CEO, John Thain, at a cost of $1.2 million of the companies money. Mr. Thain was eventually fired. P.S. love your avatar, so please comment often