Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another busted Democrat

Not to be outdone by Chicago and Detroit, the city of Baltimore, MD. has put in it's candidate for most corrupt Democrat controlled city and/or state. Mayor Sheila Dixon (D-Baltimore, MD) is charged with 12 counts of felony theft, perjury, fraud and misconduct in office.

Here's a brief rundown of her alleged criminal activities from the Baltimore Sun:

The case stems in part from at least $15,348 in gifts Dixon allegedly received from her former boyfriend, prominent city developer Ronald H. Lipscomb, while she was City Council president. She also is accused of using as much as $3,400 in gift cards, some donated to her office for distribution to "needy families," to purchase Best Buy electronics and other items for herself and her staff.

Here, the Baltimore Sun puts in a blurb about Mayor Dixon's (D-Baltimore, MD) accomplishments while in office:

The investigation has hung over Dixon, a Democrat, even as she became the city's first female mayor and oversaw a significant decrease in the city's homicide rate, reducing killings to a 20-year low. Viewed as an energetic and charismatic leader, she has earned praise from residents for implementing an easy-to-use recycling program and displaying a willingness to tackle the city's systemic racial and economic disparities.

Now c'mon folks. Don't you feel that that's worth something a little extra on top of her measly mayor's salary? You don't expect her to accomplish all that with just what the city of Baltimore pays her, do you? I have a feeling that this is nothing more than just a racist and sexist charge.

Mayor Sheila Dixon indicted (Baltimore Sun)
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Baltimore Mayor Indicted in Theft and Perjury Case (NY Times)

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