Monday, January 12, 2009

Liberal retard: Planes falling from sky is better than waterboarding

Chrystia Freeland, a leftist wacko, from the Financial Times feels that it is better that 9 planeloads of innocent victims falling from the skies and crashing to their deaths is a lot better than waterboarding a single terrorist for 3 minutes.

God help us folks, because this is the thinking of the people who elected Obama, and it's also the feelings of our next President and the political party that will take over all of Washington DC Jan. 20th.

Freeland: No Waterboarding—Even To Save Planeloads of People (NewsBusters)
Surprise: Obama to issue order to close Gitmo in first week (Hot Air)


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Sleep deprivation is torture? That's rich. I didn't know until now that I'm a victim of torture every day. Go figure...

Chuck said...

Your dead on Stoermin, not much to add other than I hope she flies a lot.

Pasadena, the only thing I heard about Gitmo that disturbed me was them playing Christina Aguilara music. This simply went too far.