Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stay classy liberals

Democrat liberals show that they don't have an ounce of class in them. Acting like the spoiled-rotten little children that they are, they thoughtlessly chanted "naw naw naw naw hey hey hey goodbye" at President Bush as he sat in his seat on the inaugural podium and when he boarded the Presidential helicopter. Couple this with the shoe-throwing event of the previous day and you can tell what the next four years is going to be like for this country with liberal Democrats in charge.

Naturally, MSNBC made sure that they highlighted it, front and center, then tried to act offended by it.

President George W. Bush got absolutely no respect at all from the liberal left on both ends of his Presidency. He was greeted by the liberal left when he arrived to Washington D.C. with destruction of White House property by the Clinton staff, and theft of White House furniture by the Clinton's themselves. On his way out he's treated to mocks and jeers. Does the liberal left give us on the right any reason to treat President Obama with any measure of respect and civility?

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Flavor Country said...

Obama has been attacked from the right since day one. Most people don't remember, but Pres.Carter received much the same treatment Bush got. It's just the media was not a powerful as it is now with the internet and magazines etc....

If you are unpopular that's the price you pay, if the country is worse off than when you came in, you pretty much are gonna get it.

Reagan did not receive the same treatment when he left and neither did Clinton.

So if Obama starts making things worse, sure rip him a new one, otherwise I don't see why we would disrespect him, do you?

Chuck said...

Does the liberal left give us on the right any reason to treat President Obama with any measure of respect and civility?

The answer is no.

Flavor, are you joking?

1) Carter was not treated anywhere near as disrespectful as Bush has been. Did you hear conservatives calling him retarded? Did you have conservatives saying they wish a bomb that went off near him killed him? (to be fair this was Cheney, but same team) Did he have the media fabricating stories about him? Did they do this during his re-election campaign to try to sway the election?

2) Carter has the distinction of having possibly the worst Presidential record of any before or after him. Ask the Iranian hostages how they feel about him keeping us safe. Also, lets not forget that a lot of our econominc troubles date back to his administration.

This is a man who had one single success in 4 years, the Camp David accord, and this was accomplished because the two signees were interested in signing.

Beyond this, his administration was a joke.

I for one intend to have the same tolerance for Obama as Bush has received from the left.

Flavor Country said...

If Bush's presidency had been a success he would have still had opposition from the left but not like how he had.

My point if overall your term leaves the country worse than when you took the office, it falls on your shoulders. No matter if some problems were inherited or were conceived from the previous.

I am a registered democrat, and I voted for Mr. Bush in both elections. Because I thought he was the best man for the job.

If you plan on attacking Obama just like the crazy left liberals, you are no better than they are, correct?

I am not here to bash Bush I even thanked him in a recent post. But the presidency is graded on a pass or fail basis with me. Bush did do some good things in office, but overall not a successful two terms.

I will turn on Obama follows that same road were his mistakes or choices affect the country negatively I will judge him accordingly.

We we debate on issues I think it is good. Me and Stromin go back and forth all the time and argue our points, but I'm tired of seeing Americans fighting each other because one is liberal and one is conservative.

I hope you rip Obama a new one when he fucks up, but until then let's try and right the ship.

Nice talking to you...

From: what a real non-left wing democrat looks like.

Gunner Sykes said...

I hear the "He's a public figure, so he asked for it" argument all the time.

Reminds me of a rapist who says a woman was asking for it because she's a woman.