Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chris Matthews calls Sarah Palin illiterate

The war with MSNBC and Sarah Palin (who went back to Alaska and hasn't done anything quite newsworthy)continues with Chris Matthews calling her illiterate.

“If she can read, if she can write, she’ll make some money.”
-Chris Matthews

The search and destroy mission of Sarah Palin continues because the liberal wackos over at MSNBC fear her the most in 2012.

Matthews questions if Palin can read (Politico)


Chuck said...

Fortunately his audience is limited to his immediate family and friends.

Flavor Country said...

Chris will say dumb things from time to time but I will give him a pass on this one. You would had to watch the show. He wasn't saying she couldn't read he was saying anything she touches will turn to gold. He was complimenting her before he said. It was not included in the clip. He said with her appeal she can basically be successful at anything..... If all you see is that clip then yes it looks bad.

Deo said...

Exactly, Matthews said IF she can read or write she will make some money...that´s all he said, implying the niche was there and she didnt need to do much to tap in. It´s probably TRUE.
What´s all the fervor about? These Palin wingnuts act like LOVERS SCORN or like people are insulting their GIRLFRIEND! I dont know, do you want your girlfriend in charge of AMERICA´S NUCLEAR ARSENAL? Or as Palin would say NUK-U-LAR----When Palin learns to SAY it correctly, I´ll think about it!

stormin said...

@ Chuck ... so true. i wish i could make his kind of money for putting out a product that nobody hardly watches.

@ Flavor C ... your comment reminds me of what's going on with this Rush Limbaugh story. as you know i listen to Rush daily and he has said many many times on his show that he does not agree with a lot of Obama's "policies" and then has gone on to say that he hopes that Obama's "policies" would fail. then the one time he says it, but leaves the word "policies" out, the entire liberal mainstream media is out there with the long knives to pounce upon him and accuse him of saying something that they know that there deliberatly taking out of context.

@ Deo ... as an admitted and proud Palin "wingnut" I say welcome to my blog and i hope you come by again and comment often. i love comments from the opposing side. as to your comment, please understand that people from all over this country have different dialects and accents. people in the south, northeast, west coast, far north (watch Fargo), say certain words differently. also, i'd give my right arm to have a girlfriend as hot as Palin!

Deo said...

Speaking of FARGO, why DOES Palin talk like Marge Gunderson? She was born in Idaho and lives in Alaska, how does a Minnasotan accent come out of that? I have heard it´s a put on, a fake. I know 2 people from Alaska, they dont have that affectation. Is it real, weigh in here, will you,Stormin?
It reminds me of Bush´s fake Texas accent, when he´s really a guy brought up in Connecticut. Then , of course, they both, Bush & PALIN, say NUKULAR which is NOT a regional accent thing, it´s a lazy english THING.
ALSO TOO, stormin...I am not a fan of Matthews, BUT BUT BUT, if you watched this show, Matthews compliments Palin right before this part that is going around the internet. I really dont think he meant it as it sounds.

Deo said...

Dude, Stormin, this blog is POLITICS; CURRENT EVENTS...AND ASIAN WOMEN???? LOL!!!!!!
My theory is that only horndogs ACTUALLY LIKE Palin, I hope you take this the right spirit.
When I say LIKE, I mean always say she is smart or PREZNIT material and stuff. Which is laughable.
Christians can´t SAY, YEAH, Palin is HOT, I can, I can (but I don´t, coz she wears CORSAGES and is old and dowdy frumpy to me)), they can´t, so they pretend she´s actaully on the ball or some such nonsense like that.

stormin said...

@ Deo ... i guess when you live in a certain region long enough you may pick up their speech patterns and mannerisms. i'm originally from Oregon, but i've been living in Texas since 1970, so i guess i may have picked up on the way Texans speak. as for Palins intelligence, she can't be any dumber then Caroline Kennedy. the libs thought CK was such a great choice for NY senator, but after saying "you know" over 200 times in a recent interview they must have come to the conclusion that she has a very limited vocabulary. Obama's no better when every other word he speaks when talking off the top of his head is "uh-h-h".

Deo said...

Thanks, Stormin, BUT what I mean is WHY MINNASOTA? She has never been exposed to THAT speech pattern. I can uderstand you and BUSH, if you live in a place awhile, Yeah sure. What I mean is Palin is from Idaho and brought up in Alaska? Why the Marge Gunderson?
As for C. Kennedy, yeah she was in over head, but she wasn´t vying for the VP or presidential spot either, she wanted an appointment as a freshman. I dont really understand the comparison.
AS for CK being dumb, well, she has a law degree, wrote 7 books, I could go on...her education and wordliness are solid. She is NOT a public speaker, and she WAS compared to none other then Sarah Palin to illustrate that she was NOT. Anyway, Kennedy dropped out, too bad Palin didnt take that same bus.
Nice talking to you, though.