Monday, January 19, 2009

Crushing liberal heartache: Dalai Lama professes "I love President George W. Bush"

"I love President George W Bush."
-Dalai Lama

Shock and awe to the liberal left. Now if we can only get the Pope to admit the obvious.

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Flavor Country said...

Wow! the Dalai Lama who is good friends Heinrich Harrer former Nazi party member and good friend of Aldoph Hitler. Dalai Lama also a friend of Shoko Asahara convicted of mass murder by placing poison Sarin gas in the Tokyo subway.

Now friends with Bush. Bush's circle of friends grows.

stormin said...

@ Flavor Country ... why is the left getting upset about nazism now? they seem to have employed a lot of their philosophies of youth indoctrination in the last election.

Flavor Country said...

Not upset at all just an observation of guilt by association, something that conservatives made such a big deal out of this past election also.

Indoctrination is something the right knows all about.