Monday, January 26, 2009

President Obama breaks his own rules

President Obama is already caught breaking his own "transparency" and "ethics" rules.


Chuck said...

Lindsey Graham said that this is ok because the guy is qualified.

So we suspend Presidential orders if the candidate is qulified, we suspend our tax laws if the guy is qualified, we suspend ethics rules if the woman (hillary) is qualified.

Two things.

1) Don't the Dims have anyone qualified that does not need a special exemption?

2) I hope "Republicans" like Graham and McCain don't hurt their backs bending over and grabbing their ankles for Obama.

stormin said...

@ Chuck ... it is sickening, isn't it. we have no party at the moment.

Flavor Country said...

Breaking the rules....that damn he will authirze torture. That son bitch. Where Bush when we need him right? He always followed the rules. Damn Obama!!

stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... i'm a lot more comfortable with Bush torturing three scumbag terrorists in order to prevent another 9/11 then i am Obama putting babies who survive an abortion into a cold dark closet in order to die from exposure.

Flavor Country said...


You mean just like how they were killed over the past eight years under the Bush administration right?

He opposed the bill because a neutrality clause was not added, not because he wanted this to happen to babies.

This "neutrality clause" read as follows: "Nothing in this section [that is, the entire bill] shall be construed to affirm, deny, expand, or contract any legal status or legal right applicable to any member of the species homo sapiens at any point prior to being ‘born alive’ as defined in this section." Obama said that such a clause prevented the federal law from conflicting with Roe v. Wade

This sounds just like that funding for the troops bill that Mccain kept attacking him on, when in reality it he wanted a timetable for withdraw added not that he wanted them to have no funding.


stormin said...

@ Flavor C ... i'm sorry, but i just can't understand any person who can allow a newborn baby to die in a cold dark room, completely unattended, for any reason whatsoever. and then try to complain that pouring a little water down the nose of a terrorist killer, not for pleasure but to actually save lives of innocent Americans, as a crime. i'm sorry, i just can't equate the two. as always thanks for the discourse.

Flavor Country said...

I was never comparing the two. I would rather torture a terrorist myself before seeing a baby die in the conditions you linked to.

We just happened to roll over into the abortion subject after you brought it up.

Hey I found another conservative blogger who won't ban or cuss me out over everything. New Blogger....pretty cool guy. I'm Not Rush Limbaugh

Take Care Stormin!