Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Liberal media has orgasm over Obama killing a fly

All three of the liberal mainstream media morning shows (ABC, NBC, and CBS) were just having a collective orgasm this morning over President Obama killing a fly yesterday during an interview on CNBC. NewsBusters has compiled a video montage of this sickening slobbering over the man that ABC has sold out too. Wouldn't you have an orgasm too if you learned that your President is the karate kid?


Flavor Country said...

Hey FOX did it to,it was something you normally wouldn't see from the leader of the free world, of course it would make the rounds on the tv networks......big deal.

It seems like conservatives are more obsessed with what he does than people who actually like him.

Anonymous said...


Gotta disagree. Fox did to something similar, but that's one lone channel.

How much sycophantic coverage does Obama need? Brian Williams bowing, the Newsweek editor saying Obama was "sort of God", Joy Behar getting her own uber-liberal show, the NTY and LAT spiking stories, not to mention Olbermann, Matthews, Maddow et al.

And, best of all, TIME's unswerving and unparalleled ass-kissing:

Flavor Country said...

Dude come on....if the leader of the free world no matter who he or she is, if they are caught on tape killing a fly with one swat it will make the news today.

This is the media and how it works. The media was not fond of Bush so everything he did that was considered a screw up it made the news.

Everything nowadays gets reported, everything. John & Kate +8, The Hills, Twitter, Joe the Plumber etc... are shows and people we would have never heard of ten years ago, but now the media and people are obsessed when someone they like takes a shit.

And if you are popular.....they wanna know even more. It's not Obama it's the media and people's obsession with everything.

If the media was conservative dominated you guys would be quiet as a church mouse.

Anonymous said...


You speak flawless sense.

My biggest gripe, however, is that the Fox personality shows are knowingly slanted, whereas the equivalent shows on all the other news channels maintain this ridiculous charade of partiality.

How I wish they wouldn't.

stormin1961 said...

@ Flavor & Track-a-Crat ... i'm glad that you two have met each other.

i just thought that the comparisons to the Karate Kid and Dirty Harry were just a bit much. yes, everyone talked about, including FOX and Rush Limbaugh. but there's a difference between reporting it and fawning all over it.