Monday, June 1, 2009

New Black Panther Party thug certified by the Democrat Party

It's official. The Democrat Party is actively engaged in the violation of one of their most heralded and proudest pieces of civil rights legislation, the Voting Rights Act of 1965. One of the NBBP thugs standing outside of a Philadelphia polling location to intimidate and harass voters during the last general election was certified by the Democrat Party to do so. Above is the certification of NBBP member Jerry Jackson (who is also an elected Democratic Committeeman for the 14th Ward, 4th Division)as an official poll watcher for the Democrat Party.

Here's another piece of news from the hypocritical left. Since Blacks and Hispanics came out in overwhelming numbers to pass Proposition 8 in California, the far-lefties over at the Daily Kos are now in full support of suppressing the minority vote. You see, when you become a member of the Democrat Party, your only suppose to vote for and support the issues that the Democrat Party tells you to vote and support. Don't go getting uppity and wandering off the reservation by voting for and passing legislation that the Democrat Party doesn't agree with or their going to see to it that your vote is suppressed the next time around.


Anonymous said...
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stormin said...

@ Mitchell77006 ... don't need the name calling. your welcome to comment as long as you leave the slurs out.

Anonymous said...

One idiot with a sanctioned piece of paper does not a policy make.

Flavor Country said...

I saw this yesterday. While I want answers to why charges were dropped in this case, I don't see how anyone can tie the Dems to the Black Panthers.

There is no extensive background check into people's lives when becoming a poll watcher.

In fact anyone can be a poll watcher. He probably obtained his certification from an alderman's office, very easy.

Anonymous said...

You should read that DK post yourself -- they aren't talking about suppressing anything, it's just speculation, a prediction.

Parroting distortions like that give us conservatives a bad name, let's try to rise above being an echo chamber!

stormin said...

@ Anonymous #1 ... your right, it doesn't. but you let an elected republican conservative wearing a sheet and a hood with an poll watcher certificate issued to him by the republican party do something like this and see what knid of hell breaks loose.

@ Flavor C ... i'm quite sure that an elected democrat official from the city of Philadelphia is pretty well known by the local democrat party apparatus in the county of Philadelphia issuing out the poll watcher certificates.

@ Anonymous #2 ... like i said to Anonymous #1, you let some conservative blogsite "speculate" or "predict" lowering minority turnout at an election. like we use to say in the Navy, "stand by for heavy rolls". let me remind you again the title of this post: To Repeal Prop 8, Keep Black And Hispanic Turnout Low, and Counter Mormon Money. yea right, like the liberal MSM would let some high-profile conservative blog get away with that one.

Cindy Dy said...

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