Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crushing liberal heartache: Libtard Roseanne Barr rips Obama

Celebrity has-been, bad singer, and fat-ass Roseanne Bar rips on President Obama while calling into the Stephanie Miller (who?) Show. Via The Radio Equalizer:

Note to Obama: If you can't make Roseanne Barr happy, then what hope do you have for the rest of liberal Hollywood?


Track-A-'Crat said...

Heh, like it Stormin.

Conversely, though, that odious woman Joy Behar is about to get even more fanatical about the man-god Obama:

Flavor Country said...

Too bad you use an irrelevant celebrity like her.

A woman who pissed all over the national anthem. Does anyone even like this woman anymore. Give me someone relevant.

stormin1961 said...

@ Track-a'Crat ... ugh Joy Behar. i cannot stand her or those other three women on that show. i have no idea how Hasselbeck does it.

@ Flavor C ... give me a little credit now. i did note at the top that she is a has-been and horrible singer. if a more relevant celebrity rips on Obama, i'll be sure to make note of it.

Chuck said...

While I do agree with Flavor, I find the whole thing funny. Instead of just finally admitting Bush was right on these issues, libs will turn on Obama instead.