Monday, June 8, 2009

Laura Ling, Euna Lee sentenced to 12 years "hard labor"

I tend to agree with some analyst, and the sane side of me tends to feel that these two women are just caught in the middle of a political chess game by North Korea and that there the pawns. But then again, we're not dealing with a sane government (they seem to be preparing for another missile launch) in North Korea and human life and world opinion mean absolutely nothing to Kim Jong-Il.

US 'concern' for jailed reporters (BBC)
N. Korea sentences US reporters to 12 years labor (Yahoo/AP)
Journalists Ling and Lee Get 12 Years Hard Labor (The Jawa Report)
N. Korea Convicts 2 U.S. Journalists (The Washington Post)
North Korea jails U.S. journalists, warns U.N. (Reuters)

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