Monday, June 1, 2009

"Date night" question catches Robert Gibbs with his pants down

When asked by a reporter during today's press briefing about the cost of President Obama's date night with Michelle in New York City, White Press Secretary Robert Gibbs himmed and hawed, and uttered so many "ahhhs" and "ummms" trying to think of something intelligent to say. Gibbs is actually worse then Obama when it comes to answering questions without the aid and comfort of a teleprompter.

As for an answer to the reporters question, the New York Post is quoting figures as low as $24,000 taxpayer dollars. London's Daily Mail calculates the cost to be a bit higher, at $73,000 taxpayer dollars. But the grand prize winner goes to the Washington Times who estimates that the Obama's night out possibly cost the U.S. taxpayer a whopping $250,000.

Reporter to Gibbs: Um, why do taxpayers have to pay for Obama date night? (Hot Air)

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