Friday, June 26, 2009

The realities of Obamacare

An extremely accurate portrayal of how healthcare will look if ran by the U.S. government.



W said...

We can only hope that the DINOs in the Senate side with the Republicans in keeping Obamacare from becoming a reality. This president must think money grows on trees. Thus far he has done nothing to reduce costs, at a time when he has called on the private sector to do all that it can to lower its spending. Now he wants to take on his most ambitious, controversial, and arguably most expensive plan yet: healthcare. What a joke. The plans presented thus far fail to cover everyone--why should we support the government in taxing us through nose to fund a lackluster health system which only covers a fraction of the populace?? I don't support nationalizing healthcare, ESPECIALLY when it fails to cover everyone, which was the original argument for having such a program!


stormin said...

@ W ... plus, he wouldn't use it himself.