Tuesday, June 23, 2009

President Obama still enjoys his cancer sticks

Do you think that ABC News will ask him tomorrow during his all day long Obamacare infomercial as to how much his filthy habit is causing the cost of health care to skyrocket? Honestly folks, what business is it of Obama to lecture us about anything related to health care when he admits that he still practices a habit that is the leading cause of death in America?

I'm not condemning President Obama his right to light up and enjoy a perfectly legal product. But he is being extremely hypocritical in lecturing the rest of the American public about how our bad health habits are driving up the cost of health care when he has a few bad habits himself.

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Flavor Country said...

He's human Stormin....not Jesus. He never said he's living perfect and so should you.

Would you rather him lie about it?

This is a weak criticism at best buddy.