Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Will liberals be able to withstand being made fun of?

Finally, a network television show that pokes fun and satirizes the left for a change. ABC's "The Goode Family" is a summer animated series that goes after some of the lefts favorite sacred cow issues. Will it be too much for left to withstand, just like FOX News? Will militant leftist, Vegans, environmental wackos, and others be marching outside of ABC studios demanding it's cancellation. Now's the time to find out if the left can take a joke.

ABC's "The Goode Family" airs on Wednesday nights, 9:00pm EST 8:00pm CST. Here are some of the highlights from last weeks premier episode. It looks pretty amusing.

Newspapers Bristle at Thought of Liberalism Being Mocked in 'The Goode Family' (NewsBusters)


Flavor Country said...

We can if it's funny. I sure hope this next one tonight is better than last week.

The clips looked funny but the episode itself was kind of weak. I'm not one of those hippie tree hugging liberals anyway so it doesn't bother me.

I can't even spell recylle.

lorijo said...

I second that. If it's funny it'll be ok. But this show made fun of conservatives too. That whole creepy ring ceremony bit wasn't aimed at progressives for sure.
I didn't think that the show was all that funny- it was ok- but not as funny as king of the hill was for sure.

stormin1961 said...

@ Flavor C ... i'm going to have to trust your opinion of the show. i'm at work while it's on the air. it's just refreshing for a change to see a tv show that makes liberals the primary focus of the satire. it's also going to be a lot of fun to see how liberals react to it. whenever conservatives who have no sense of humor get all up in arms about being poked fun at the liberal reaction is always "can't you take a joke"? i just want to see if they can take a joke also.

@ lorijo ... if the show wants to take shots at conservatives, then that's fine too. i don't mind political satire as long as it's evenly distributed. thanks for stopping by.