Friday, June 26, 2009

Video of Gov. Mark Sanford's mistress surfaces

Kid From Brooklyn has uncovered this video of Maria Belen Chapur, Gov. Sanford's other woman, doing 9/11 coverage.

KFB writes of her:
The Kid is back, doing the work that serious bloggers don’t have the time to do (I’d rather have the Cap’n covering the Obama Failfest, wouldn’t you?). Quick cliff-note translation: Champur is covering NYC post 9-11. She discussed the smell of death still lingering over Lower Manhattan, the patriotic displays, cleanup efforts at Ground Zero, fear of bioattacks (anthrax), and New York’s gradual return to everyday life (noting that, once again, The Producers was sold out). She was very “just-the-facts”. The anchor felt the need to apologize for Islam vis-a-vis the terrorists, but even that was very brief, unlike what we saw here. Just sayin’, she looks a LOT like Mrs. S. here.


karen said...

Another wayward politician running around with a woman who is more than likely not half the caliber woman as his own wife! What a DOPE!

stormin said...

@ karen ... your right. you really shoot yourself in the political foot when you campaign on "traditional family values" and then get caught up in an extra-marital affair. he's lost me forever as a supporter.