Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Michigan is in the shape it's in

What kind of an economic environment can you expect in a state where it's own elected Representatives to DC (from our own party) claim that the money you earn is not your money but the governments? Is it any wonder why Michigan is and has been one of the nations most economically depressed states for such a long long time?

Now I can begin to understand our parties defeat this year a little better with Republicans like this in our party.

Video: Bailout money doesn’t belong to us (Hot Air)
GOP bailout stooge to Cavuto: “It’s not your money” (Michelle Malkin)
It’s Our Money, Congressman! (Axis of Right)
Knollenberg Claims Tax Money Is Not Citizens’ Money (Grand Rants)
GOP Congressman: It’s Not Your Money (Below the Beltway)

Thank you Rep. Knollenberg (R-MI). You made me have to create a brand new tag for idiots in our party like you, "Phony Republicans".

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