Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just what is on Obama's website?

Take $2 billion of U.S. taxpayer money to create schools in the Middle East that are geared to change the hearts and minds of Islamic extremeists radicals not to hate us. Gut our nuclear arsenal in order to send a message to our enemies that we're good people and mean them no harm. Abolish the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and "require" everyone into some sort of community service army.

Web faux pas: Plan leaked for 'civilian security force'? (World Net Daily)
Obama To Expand Earned Income Credit (Sweetness & Light)
Obama: Give Terrorists $2B For Education (Sweetness & Light)
Obama Will Give Illegal Aliens Amnesty (Sweetness & Light)
President Obama To Bring Back Slavery (Sweetness & Light)
Change... Obama Announces Creation Of His Marxist Youth Corps (Gateway Pundit)
Barack Obama: Compulsory Service REQUIRED of Middle, High School, College Students (DBKP)
Obama's Site Undergoes Severe Scrubbing; $40/Hr. College Service Plan Remains at Another Page (NewsBusters)

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