Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama lies unraveling ... pt. 1

Now that Obama is the President-elect, William Ayers feels that it is now safe to shoot his middle finger out to the world and say "yea, Barry and I are family friends. So what?".

Ayers: Oh, by the way, Obama and I actually are “family friends” (Hot Air)
Now He Tells Us: New Afterword to Ayers' Book States That Obama Was "Family Friend" (Ace of Spades HQ)
Ayers: Obama was 'family friend' (Chicago Sun Times)
Ayers Comes Out Of The Closet (Beltway Snark)
Chicago Trib: Ayers 'Seems to Contradict' Obama by Calling Him 'a Family Friend' (NewsBusters)

GMA Interview:

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