Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Soviet flag at Obama victory party

Communists supporters of Obama hold victory party outside of White House.

As John Cleese exclaimed in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "I warned you!"

WTF Is This Crap Outside The White House? (Pat Dollard)
Obama Supporters Wave Communist Flag At White House Rally (YouTube)

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M.Green - Flavor Country said...

Come on stormin, it's over he won. Let's stop the separation and speculation. Criticize him if he deserves once he is in office. All this commie, socialist, terrorist stuff needs to stop. I know you may not think it is all true, but a lot of people out there do.

Honestly I was ready to honor Mccain as president if he had won. I knew the only way to prove America is great is for all of us to work together like when the country was first founded. One man can't make a change, it will take all of us. Let's support him and stop all the fear and hate.

Let's put our focus to all the negatives and wrongs in this country and try to make them right.

If I am ridiculed for writing this by other commentators, it just proves I was right about how far apart we are.