Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama refuses to spread his wealth amongst his own family

Why should we allow Barack "I am my brothers keeper" Obama to take our hard earned money and spread our wealth to a nation of complete strangers when he won't even spread his own wealth amongst his own family? Turns out that Obama's "Aunt Zeituni" has been living, illegally, in a Boston slum for the past five years. Remember that half-brother of Obama's who lives in a hut on less than a dollar a month?

Found in a rundown Boston estate: Barack Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango (Times Online)
Boston Housing Authority ‘flabbergastered’ Barack Obama’s aunt living in Southie (Boston Hearld)
AP: Obama aunt from Kenya living in US illegally (AP)
Zeituni Onyango is Obama’s Aunt (Right Pundits)

UPDATE 1: Oh c'mon Barry! If you want to be President then your going to have to learn to lie better then this!

Obama says he didn't know aunt's illegal status (MSNBC)


Bob McCarty said...

In a post at my blog this morning, I pointed out several questions raised by this news, including:

* Will “Aunt Zeituni” be deported immediately?

* Will she be or jailed for a time until she can be deported?

* Will she receive aide from her nephew, the Democratic Party presidential nominee — perhaps in the form of a legal storm that attempts to delay her deportation until after inauguration day when, he hopes, he’ll be able to grant her asylum request?

* Will she reveal information about the birth of her nephew in Kenya in exchange for a reversal of the ruling that denied her asylum request?

Though it's a day late to qualify as an October Surprise, I hope John McCain can make "hay" out of it -- and soon!

stormin said...

@ Bob McCarty ... my answers to your four questions.

Question 1: no. not in a liberal democrat city of a liberal democrat state. isn't Boston an asylum city?

Question 2: again, no. same reason as above.

Question 3: not till after Nov 4, if he wins. can't deal with the political fallout of being seen giving free legal aid to an illegal alien.

Question 4: i heard she made a comment to the press that she was told to keep her mouth shut by the Obama campaign till after Nov 4.