Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama's limbo tax plan ... how low will it go? pt. 4

OK, forget what I said in "Obama's limbo tax plan ... how low will it go? pt 3". THIS video is now the best video out there on the Internet showing Obama and Biden, in less then a months time, widdle his own tax plan and definition of middle class income lower and lower.

Keep in mind folks that Obama just recently voted for a bill that would raise the taxes of single individuals who make $42,000 a year (that's me) and couples who make $83,000 a year.

Obama denied voting for a bill that called for increased taxes on “people” making as little as $42,000 a year, as McCain accused him of doing. McCain was right, though only for single taxpayers. A married couple would have had to make $83,000 to be affected by the vote, and anyway no such increase is in Obama’s tax plan. wants to throw in that line that Obama's proposed tax plan does not have those tax increases that he just voted for, but as you can see Obama is slowly creeping down to that level.

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