Monday, October 13, 2008

How liberals love ... pt. 5

This media coverage of that McCain/Palin event last week where people in the audience were reportedly shouting "death threats" to Obama is really making me sick. The mainstream media is trying to report this story in such a way that it sounds like McCain and Palin were actually encouraging these people to shout these comments. Whenever McCain heard such a comment he would stop and correct the individual who uttered them. Now the media wants to accuse McCain/Palin of inciting hate speech and racism just because their campaigning against and telling the truth about Obama and his record.

How about we take a look at how the party of love, diversity, open-mindedness and compassion act when a small group of McCain/Palin supporters march through the center of Manhatten.

Couldn't you just feel the love and compassion in that mob?

CNN’s Kurtz Questions Media’s Preoccupation with Angry Attendees of McCain Rallies (NewsBusters)

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