Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Howard Stern exposes voters in Harlem

Howard Stern conducted a social experiment on his radio show to expose the fact that blacks in Harlem no nothing about Obama's issues/positions (or even who is running mate is) but only that there voting for Obama because of his skin color.

What would the mainstream media say about this if it were white voters responding this way? Let me tell you the answer: RACIST! (Which there already calling us anyway).


Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that this condition is not limited to just Black voters. I suspect that there are white voters who have voted for many a white candidate based solely on race and not the issues that the candidate represents.

Is it racist? That is a matter of viewpoint. I have always considered it the American way....

stormin said...

@ Anonymous ... you are correct. there have been many many whites who have cast racist votes simply because they were voting for a person of their own skin color. my only point in bringing this up is that all my adult life i have heard that ONLY whites are or can be racist and i am only trying to illustrate the fact that racism exists in all races.