Monday, October 13, 2008

Hatred for a black McCain supporter

James Harris is a black conservative voting for John McCain. His fellow blacks call him a traitor and threaten to kill him because he won't cast a racist vote for Obama.

The main message I got throughout this entire interview was "as a black man why aren't you voting for a black candidate?"


M. Green said...

It not the question of why he is not voting for Obama, but why is supporting a party that since the Kennedy election has sought to seek the white racist southern vote because of the hatred that had for what he was trying to do. Or who voted a man like Ronald Regan in office who opposed the civil rights act. Or support a party who members recently tried to throw minorities under the bus for the current financial crisis. The Dems are not without fault either, so i am not taking up for them. If both candidates were white, blacks will still have words for him. The republicans represent more "evil" than the democrats do. It's like picking between the devil and the devil's son.

Monroe Anderson said...

The so-called death threats are a joke. If the man believed his life to be actually in danger, he'd lose the Cheshire grin. And since when did voting for one from your own ethnic group in America become racist? Italian-Americans vote for Italian-Americans, Jewish-Americans vote for Jewish-Americans, Irish-Americans vote for Irish-Americans, get the picture.

Why is it that if an African-American votes for an African-American it suddenly becomes racist?

stormin said...

@ Monroe Anderson ... if your casting a vote for or against a candidate based solely on that man's skin color then that is a racist vote. there is plenty of evidence that an overwhelming majority of blacks are casting their vote for Obama simply because he's the same skin color as they are. if i was voting for McCain only because he was white or voting against Obama only because he was black i would rightly be accused of being a racist. thanks for your comments and please come back.

@ M. Green ... thanks for stopping by and for your comments. i don't completely agree but i appreciate the discourse. please come back again.

SSwain said...

To M. Green, I am from South Georgia. You really need to understand something about the DEM. party. Here in the south, the most racist people, call themselves "Die Hard Democrates". It's pretty funny to me that now they have the 1st black man running for president in their white supremacy party. Do the research, Dr. Martin Luther King was a GOP. The Democratic party gets elected by keeping blacks and low income white under their control. This party is down right degrading to anyone who wishes to make something of themselves.

M. Green said...

I agree sswain, there is racism on both sides. The democrats also have used racism to there advantage. The only thing is that they are not as bold about it. It would be nice if we could just be Americans and not Democrats and Republicans or Black and White. One day maybe

Take Care