Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's limbo tax plan ... how low will it go?

Obama is already backing off that $250,000 threshold for families and small businesses who won't see a tax increase. In a Oct. 24 ad it went down to $200,000. Now Biden is out there lowering the figure to $150,000.

Here's Obama lowering it down to $200,000 in a Oct 24 ad.

Now here's Biden going even lower to $150,000 yesterday.

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Chuck said...

Biden is not the first to mispeak on this number, I heard one of the Obama spokesman use it a few weeks ago.

M.Green - Flavor Country said...

It's been the same as it always has.

$250,000 Individual
$200,000 Family

Biden comment was just Biden....Gaffe King

I would love for Mccain to talk about his....but he never does. That's because he would have to tell his crowd they would get more from Obama than him, because they are mostly middle class. All he keeps saying is Obama will raise your taxes.....(yeah if you make over 200,000)