Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama campaign scared off by female reporter

If Obama is going to be scared of and run away from a female reporter then how in the world is he going to stand up to Castro, Chavez, Kim Jong-Il (if he's still alive), Putin, Osama, and Achmadenijad?

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M. Green said...

Come on be serious. Did you see the Mccain interview the week before . She is totally in the tank for John.

No candidate will do those type of interviews like she gave Biden on local TV, especially this late in the race.

If you want to talk about running scared, what about when Mccain canceled on CNN after his lackey Tucker Bounds couldn't handle Campbell Brown. You remember that don't you?

stormin said...

@M. Green ... so what if one individual reporter is in the tank for McCain. Obama has four entire news networks totally in the tank for him and your upset about one biased reporter. give me a break. this is the first time throughout this entire campaign that someone dared to ask Obama/Biden some tough questions and they go running home to their momma like a little girl. McCain/Palin have been getting nothing but negative coverage from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC and their still in front of the cameras for them despite your one example.