Thursday, December 11, 2008

Did America elect Sgt. Schultz?

I know nothing, I see nothing.

Dennis Miller at the end of this clip makes the point that how can the most intelligent President-elect in our nations history, (and the greatest judgement), be so oblivious to the Chicago characters he's surrounded by.

A few more items concerning the Blago subject. Here's the liberal mainstream media running cover for the Democrat Party by trying to hide Blago's party affiliation.

Senate Candidate #5, Jesse Jackson Jr., issues his denial of any wrongdoing, and spews on and on at his shock to discover that his Governor is a crook and that politics in Chicago is corrupt.

Here's some reaction from Obama voters who are all in a terror-stricken panic over the Blago arrest and what it means for Obama.

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Chuck said...

Incredible how little Obama recalls about his life