Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Roland Burris (D-IL) on tape: "non-qualified white boys"

Talk about a political party that is so obsessed with race. Back in 1998 Roland Burris was caught on video tape calling his Caucasian opponents in a primary race a bunch of "non-qualified white boys". Then during yesterdays news conference where Blago announced Burris as his pick to fill Obama's Senate seat, the terms "hanging" and "lynching" were used by Bobby Rush, the one-time leader of the militant, anti-white, hate organization, The Black Panther Party. As a side, Bobby Rush also accused Obama of not being black enough when he ran against him for Congress in 2000.

All of this begs the question: Are the Democrats really the ones to show us the way when it comes to living in racial harmony?

Lowlights of yesterdays news conference:

Video: The surreal, race-baiting Blagojevich press conference (Hot Air)
Breaking: Blagojevich appoints former Illinois attorney general to Senate seat (Hot Air)

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Flavor Country said...

Why do we always have to group an entire party or people off the comments of of a couple of morons?

Please let's not do that.

Republicans are no different. I can point out a few, Former Senator Trent Lott, Chip Saltzman running RNC chair, Fernando C. de Baca, chairman of Bernalillo County Republicans in New Mexico. These are just the recent three.

Let's keep it real racism and idiots are on both sides, so no one can point fingers.

Both parties claim to want to fight for and have the best interests of everyone in mind, but a lot of them could care less.

Take Care and Happy New Year!