Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is CNN turning on Obama?

Campbell Brown takes Obama to task for cutting off a Chicago Tribune reporter's question that he didn't seem to like to much.

I hardly ever watch CNN, and don't know that much about Campbell Brown, but it would appear that she's trying to do her part to restore some credibility back at CNN. If anyone out there knows anything about Campbell Brown, I would love to know what kind of a journalists she is like.


Flavor Country said...

She pretty much is straight forward, hence her show "cutting through the bull". This is not the first time she has came down on Obama. She has criticized Palin herself and then Palin's people for holding her back during the campaign. She ripped Mccain for how his campaign was handled, Pelosi and Reid have been targets also.

Basically she is probably center-left but will give shots to any when appropriate.

So to answer your question "Is CNN turning on Obama?" This is nothing new for her.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

here is some background

stormin said...

@ Anonymous ... thanks, point well taken.

Anonymous said...

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