Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice sculptures in the middle of global warming

These are some very beautiful ice sculptures, but I'm totally confused as to how these images could be created with all the global warming occurring. It's not even officially winter yet. I wish I knew where these were created.

There obviously not building ice sculptures up in the North Pole. According to Al Gore, it's so hot up there that within the next 5 years the North Pole will have completely melted away.

Al Gore: "North Pole Will Disappear in 5 Years" (Video) (Gateway Pundit)


Dawson said...

Photos of these sculptures are sent around in emails on a regular basis. Sometimes they are labeled ice sculptures from Harbin, China, although none of them are from China (probably). The first three are in Sapporo, Japan while the carriage in the fourth is at the Winterlude event in Canada. The last is new and unknown to me, but I'd guess it's in Russia.

Dawson said...

...and before you call me on it, I got the sarcasm in your post. Currently in Alaska, there's a massive ice sculpture of Al Gore's head. It spews hot air at times because they've run a hose to the sculpture's mouth from the exhaust pipe of the truck that it sits upon! I believe info on it is still at

stormin1961 said...

@ Dawson ... thanks for stopping by and posting. and best wishes to you in your business.