Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel takes out the trash

For all you bleeding heart liberals out there, the trash I refer too are the Hamas terrorists that have been launching rocket attacks into Israel, not the innocent civilians who are being killed in Gaza. But let's face it, if the Hamas cowards didn't do all it's fighting behind the skirts of women and little children, then maybe there would be a lot less civilian casualties.

Aerial footage from the IAF destroying smuggling tunnels, different rocket launch sites and a weapons depot in Gaza. 28.12.08

Israel Air Force footage destroying underground rocket launching site, rocket subsequently misfires. 27.12.08

Aerial footage of the Israeli Air Force destroying tunnels in the Philadelphi Corridor. 28.12.08

As the great Michelle Malkin noted, all of these targets are for baby milk smuggling.

Here are two great liveblogging sites on the Israel/Gaza conflict.

The Muqata

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