Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tax-cheat to Middle America: Your not paying enough taxes

"Remember we inherited a 1 point three trillion dollar deficit. The cumulative consequences of the policies this country pursued over the last 8 years left us with 6 million dollars of more debt than we would have had by making a bunch of commitments to cut taxes and add to spending without paying for those."
- Tim Geithner

The world's most infamous tax-cheat, Timothy Geithner, went on ABC's "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos to complain, bitch, and moan that the tax-cut that you and I were given by President Bush is to blame for our huge budget deficit. Forget the fact that Geithner gave himself a four year 0% personal tax cut during the Bush years. No, he's not to blame for this trillion $$$ deficit. We're in this mess because even though you and I did pay our taxes, we just didn't pay enough of them. What gall! Here's a man lecturing the middle-class on paying taxes while he was pocketing a check given to him by his employer to pay his taxes. This man has no business carrying a wallet in his own back pocket, let alone running the Treasury Department. Geithner is as qualified to lecture us on paying taxes as Hugh Hefner has on teaching the virtues of celibacy.

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Matt said...

Yet another example of, "Do and I say and not how I do," from the left.

Kicking the middle class when they are down was in the works all along, I think.