Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rick Sanchez's car has killed more people than my gun

CNN's Rick Sanchez (who has actually killed another man with his car) reports on an African-American man (which makes him a racist too) who was openly carrying an AR-15 assault rifle to an Obama event in Phoenix, AZ.

I really have mixed emotions about this. Yes, I know that carrying an unconcealed weapon to any Presidential event is a huge security risk and is something that I would never do personally. But, it is perfectly legal and I'm sure the man is trying to make a point about his 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights. I believe that here in America more people die each year from the liberal Democrats unwavering belief in their Constitutional right to an abortion than conservatives unwavering belief in our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


Chuck said...

The Dims whine about people killed by guns. They whine about Bush and Iraq. They whined about Vietnam.

Here's a couple of stats for you

Americans killed in all wars to date: 1,206,469

Babies aborted since 1973 Roe v Wade: 49,551,703

'nuff said

Chuck said...




stormin said...

@ Chuck ... thanks so much for providing those facts to my argument. appreciate your help and keep up the great work.