Thursday, August 13, 2009

Did Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) plant a phoney Dr. in her audience?

Taking Rep. Lee's (D-TX) track record into account, and knowing her fondness for all things Obama, I would say that it's a pretty fair assumption that she did.

Thanks to Patterico's Pontifications and Lone Star Times we have the video clip and story of Roxanna Mayer at a town hall meeting, hosted by Rep. Lee, introducing herself as a doctor (general practitioner) of four years. Turns out that she's not a doctor (nor a Sheila Jackson Lee constituent) at all, but an Obama delegate.

Phone calls and plants. What will be the next shoe to fall for Ms. Lee (D-TX)?

Hmmm: Was There a Plant at the Sheila Jackson Lee Town Hall Meeting? (Patterico's Pontifications)
Roxana Mayer: I’m Not a Doctor But I Play One at Town Hall Meetings (Patterico's Pontifications)
Obama camp plants fake doc, Che fan at Jackson Lee forum (Lone Star Times)
Video: ObamaCare fans take Astroturfing to a new level; Mayer an OFA organizer (Hot Air)

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to say, about that creature. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee is a douche bag and elitist
I read that are not too flattering about her.
If anyone defends that woman is moron and a fool.
The best solution to cut the thumbs off from both of her hands. So she won't use the cell phone in town hall meetings.