Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jon Stewart goofs on the liberal mainstream media

Here's one of the greatest definitions of eating their own. Liberal comedian Jon Stewart goes after the liberal mainstream media for it's failure to expose corruption or even report on at ACORN. Now perhaps Jon Stewart ought to know that the liberal mainstream media and ACORN are one in the same and that there's no way that any waste, fraud, and abuse that goes on at ACORN is ever going to be discussed by the MSM. That would be like the MSM seriously reporting on Obama. It just going to happen. But there are times, even to a die-hard liberal like Jon Stewart, that corruption at this level (such as giving advice on how to run a whore house using underage sex-slaves) has to be exposed.
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I know that there are those out there who could care less about Jon Stewart and what he says or does. But when your right, your right, no matter what your political affiliation and that deserves to be commended. This isn't going to convert Jon Stewart to my way of thinking at all, but it is refreshing and a bit encouraging to see that even some liberals can be disgusted and repulsed from time to time by their own side and call them out on it.

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