Friday, September 25, 2009

Rogue nations rave over Obama at U.N.

It certainly says a lot when the dictators of the world express their love and admiration for you. Is it because they see a lot of you Mr. President in themselves? Why are the dictators of these rogue nations so in love with your words, thoughts, and deeds?

Here the dictator of Libya and terrorist sponsor of the Pan Am Flight 103 tragedy praises Obama:

Here is Hugo Chavez praising Obama:

I for one am certainly proud to support a President that these two despise so much, and to watch a news network that they hate.

Perhaps Obama should ask the pollsters to poll the people of Venezuela and Libya about his health care plan. He might get better results.

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Matt said...

You can gauge a leader on how his nation's enemies (or should be enemies) respond to him.