Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remember when Biden bragged about calling Bush a liar

In regards to this whole Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), "You lie" incidnet, remember just a few short months ago Vice-President Joe Biden got on national television and bragged that he called President Bush a liar to his face. It was all about that so-called private, one-on-one, nobody else was in the room, Oval Office meeting in which Bush told Biden that he was a leader and Biden told him to turn around because nobody was following. That in my book is calling someone a liar.

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Chuck said...

Remember that Sen Jim Webb supposedly did the same in the White House, confronting Bush and threatening to punch him in the news. A claim that was later shown likely to be untrue, mostly because he did not get his ass kicked by the secret service agents standing around Bush for threatening the President. Just more proof that Democrats are mostly liars.

stormin said...

@ Chuck ... i do kinda remember that one too. hey, thanks for your constant support and visits to my blog. i appreciate it.