Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama has another "57-states" moment

He doesn't know the number of states in his own country (oh right, he was fatigued), and now he doesn't even know the name of the ballpark where his so-called beloved Chicago White Sox use to play in his own hometown. During an interview with Bob Costas, President Obama referred to Comiskey Park as "Cominskey Field".


Matt said...

The question is...did he have a teleprompter?

Ron Russell said...

I don't know where he pulled the 57 state from---I understand however, there are 57 arab states in the world. Could have just been wishing thinking on his part.

Found you via twitter---following, visit me sometimes at TOTUS.

stormin said...

@ Matt ... it's moronic statements like that that caused one of his teleprompters to commit suicide this week.

@ RR ... thanks for stopping by. just visited your blog and it is very nice.