Saturday, January 16, 2010

MSNBC's Ed Schultz encourages voter fraud in Massachusetts

MSNBC's far-left wingnut Ed Schultz encourages voter fraud on his radio show in order for Martha Coakley to win this Tuesday over her "bastard" Republican opponent Scott Brown.

Via RadioEqualizer:


Anonymous said...

No couth, no class & actually no brains. Consider the source!
Imagine if a conservative[like Rush or Sean} said this?!

thedrj said...

agree with anonymous. the dems are liars and cheaters, they cannot win elections without lying and cheating. if a republican said that, the press would go out of their minds. if a dem politician said that, would anybody notice ? this democrat is voting from brown, because the liberals have nothing to offer. just the same old rhetoric. hope and change will come from the right, not the left.