Sunday, January 31, 2010

Video: Robert Gibbs renders judgement and sentence on KSM

The White House has today declared KSM guilty of crimes committed on 9/11 and sentenced him to death. So why the need to judge him in a federal court?

"He will be brought to justice and he is likely be executed for the heinous crimes he has committed in masterminding the killing of 3,000 Americans,"
-Robert Gibbs


Teresa said...

Gee... Their exuding confidence in our judicial to the world by announcing his sentence and guilt before the trial. NOT. Obama and Holder are wasting tax dollars all for a show trial against the Bush administration. KSM and the other conspirators should be tried at Gitmo and in front of a military tribunal.

stormin said...

@ Teresa ... thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. your exactly right. they are wasting our money on this. especially when the white house has already convicted and sentenced him.