Monday, September 29, 2008

Pelosi fails to deliver Democrat votes on bailout package

The most incompetent House Speaker in our nation's history couldn't even get her own party to pass the bailout package. Nancy Pelosi was only able to get a little more than 60% of her party to vote "yes", while nearly 40% noted "no". Let's remember here that the Democrat party on their own could have passed this package without a single Republican vote. So how can the Democrats point the finger of blame at the Republicans?

This bailout package probably could have passed if it hadn't been for Pelosi's big mouth prior to the vote. In her floor speech before the vote commenced she decided to lay the entire blame for this mess on President Bush and "hypocrite" Republicans. You can find videos all over the Internet now showing Democrat after Democrat closing their eyes and plugging their ears to any news that this catastrophe was about to happen.

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