Friday, December 25, 2009

Video: The Pope attack

Video of 25-year-old Susanna Maiolo jumping the barricade to knock the Pope down. CNN reports that she tried the same stunt last year during Christmas Mass. You would think Vatican security would have had her on there radar.

Woman who knocked pope taken to hospital: Vatican (Brietbart/AFP)


life insurance quote said...

What I was surprised with, was that even though there are so many security measures, it is possible for anyone to get so close to the Pope. This was just a milder incident but something worse might happen very easily - at least as it seems now. What concerns this young woman, she is supposed to be mentally ill, so I would not try so much to place a blame on her. Lorne

stormin said...

@ unfortunately for the Pope his whole job is being about having close contact with the people and there really is no amount of security that can protect a man like that. i really don't even know if there is any kind of security check by the Vatican for the people who attend the masses.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he got taken down, he just any other man just like you and me he sin't GOD and he isn't the most high so in all honesty I'm glad he got taken down that way everyone can see that no matter what he is not all that he is made out to be.