Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Audio: Obama claims terrorists will love us more if he's elected

Obama claimed during a radio interview in 2007 that the terrorists world would have a different view of how they see America simply because he lived in a Muslim country, some of his family are Muslim, and because he's such a great listener to the gripes of the Muslim world.

Via Naked Emperor News:

Unfortunately for Obama the terrorists world thinks he's weak and a joke when it comes to appealing to the Muslim world. According to this report of the nearly 30 homegrown terror plots that have been discovered since September 11, 2001 ten of them occurred after Obama was sworn in.

SLIDESHOW: 2009 Homegrown Terror Suspects (FOX News)

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Matt said...

You know, there are really times that I think Obama is intelligent, this is most definitely NOT one of them. Seriously, how naive would someone have to be to believe that?