Sunday, August 31, 2008

Attacking Sarah Palin's baby

Leave it to those sickos over at the Daily Kos to sink to a new low. They now have a discussion posted over there that claims that Gov. Sarah Palin faked her last pregnancy in order to cover for the pregnancy of one of her teenage daughters. These people over there are so sick that my computer had to vomit when there webpage was loading.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised though because even the liberal sycophants at the MSM networks are even attacking her and trying to make "down syndrome" an issue.

via EyeBlast TV

via Eyeblast TV

Let's not forget how insensitive and cruel leading Democrats can be when Al Gore in 1994 found down syndrome to be something to joke about by referring to supporters of Oliver North as "The Extra Chromosome Right Wing".


Chuck said...

Stormin, like the blog. This is surprising only as to the political stupidity of it. This is the one thing that will drive Hillary's voters to McCain. Obama needs to get on top of it soon.

stormin said...

@Chuck, thanks for visiting and your comment. I just feel that these news anchors over at the left leaning networks are commenting out of desperation and fear of McCains VP pick. Possibly trying to feed the Obama attack machine with talking points.