Friday, March 19, 2010

CNN's Anderson Cooper gets crushed on Celebrity Jeopardy

To the outspoken pot legalization advocate Cheech Marin no less. He was so bad that he finished the final round with a score of ZERO! Way to go Anderson. Did Wolf Blitzer coach you before your appearance? It's no wonder that your network is now losing to The Cartoon Network.

Another CNN Anchor Fails At Celebrity Jeopardy (Mediaite)
Anderson Cooper Sucks at Jeopardy! (Gawker.TV)


Anonymous said...

He finished with zero because he risked all his money in final jeopardy, not because he was doing so badly. He was tied for second place going into final jeopardy and just a few thousand behind Cheech who was in first place. All three contestants got the final questions wrong and both the second place losers ended up with zero.

Last time Anderson Cooper played Jeopardy he won, and this time he did alright during the game. Cheech snapped up the really simple questions by having the fastest buzzer.

Matt said...

Wow, that must be Cooper's only viewer there.

Funny that he lost, funnier that folks are watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force more than CNN!